Power in Negotiation

March 19, 2014

Power – and perception of power – is a key factor in negotiations, as in most human interactions large and small. Whoever is perceived to be more powerful will become more powerful, and will have greater control over the final outcome. In negotiation training we learn to prepare in advance by analyzing the power...

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What’s the Customer’s Problem?

March 17, 2014
Practicing Sales

One of your major goals in any sales interaction is to employ a good questioning strategy to help your customer clarify their product or service issues. This process helps you discover your customer’s problems and dissatisfactions and find out what they value in a supplier. It will also help you identify what risks your...

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The Importance of Post-Negotiation Evaluation

March 13, 2014

After every negotiation, it is important to evaluate how the negotiation went. Consider why it ended as it did, and what could be done to improve the process in the future. Post-negotiation evaluation is most useful in complex team situations, but individual negotiators will benefit from hindsight as well. The evaluation can strengthen the...

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How to Close Your Presentation

March 10, 2014
Presentation Skills

Inexperienced presenters often deliver their message and then trail off or stop abruptly at the end. “… And that’s about it. Any questions?” is not really an acceptable conclusion for a presentation. You should plan your closing at least as carefully as you plan your opening; after all, these are probably the last words...

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The Face of Your Organization

February 21, 2014

Your organization probably spends a substantial amount of time and money trying to ensure that the public has a positive opinion of the company and its products or services. Even after all their marketing and PR efforts, though, an individual salesperson can make or break a customer’s opinion of the entire organization. During every...

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Neutralizing Pressure Tactics

February 19, 2014

Sometimes in negotiations the other party makes statements that increase pressure or create anxiety about getting the deal closed or missing an opportunity. While principled negotiators who are working for a win-win agreement generally do not use manipulative tactics to close a deal, zero-sum negotiators certainly will, so it’s a good idea to ask...

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