Preparing for International Negotiations

November 17, 2014

We live and work in an increasingly global economy, where international deals, partnerships, and negotiations are more common than ever. Negotiating with partners from other cultures can be a tricky process, especially when culture impacts attitudes about business practices. Different societies may place different values on time, punctuality, individuality, relationships, communication styles, and social...

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Negotiating Outside the Box

November 5, 2014

We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside the box” so frequently now that it’s become a tired cliché. The concept it embodies, though, is still key to collaborative negotiations training and to the win-win negotiating approach: true creativity, combined with a genuine interest in building the best outcome for everyone. There should be a...

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Opening Windows in Negotiations

November 3, 2014

Many of us have encountered a concept in communication or negotiation training that is referred to as the “Johari Window.” Developed by Jo Luft and Harry Ingham in an attempt to illustrate the degree to which information exchange can either inhibit or enhance understanding, the Johari Window is a useful model for considering what...

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Trading Concessions When Negotiating

September 5, 2014

Concessions are at the heart of collaborative “win-win” negotiations. When trading concessions, the negotiating parties avoid becoming mired in their positions, and work together to achieve a solution that will best satisfy everyone’s interests. The real key to building a win-win solution is to focus on asking for something that is of high value...

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Listening When Negotiating

August 13, 2014
Presentation Tips

Did anyone ever tell you that the reason people have two ears and only one mouth is because we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we talk? It can be difficult, after all your research, preparation, and planning, not to charge into a negotiation and tell the other party everything you’re thinking. You...

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Don’t fence me in!

June 2, 2014
Fence me in

Sometimes people approach a negotiation as if they are trying to shove everything into the smallest box possible: “I only have a certain amount in the budget, my boss won’t sign off unless you give us these terms, and I have a plane to catch in two hours so we need to wrap this...

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Separating the People from the Problem in Negotiation

May 23, 2014
agreement this way

If you take any negotiation training, you are quite likely to hear the maxim “separate the people from the problem,” as discussed in Fisher and Ury’s bestselling negotiation text Getting To Yes. It sounds sensible, but what does it really mean? The issue is that, when we negotiate, we tend to overlook the fact...

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Negotiating Like You Mean It

May 21, 2014
Public Speaking

For many people, negotiation is an intimidating prospect. Everyone has to negotiate sometimes, though, whether in the business world or in their personal lives. Professionals can benefit from in-depth negotiation training and strategy planning, but for many negotiations there are just a few simple guidelines. To begin with, you must recognize the situation for...

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Negotiate with Interest

April 21, 2014
Win-Win Negotiations

There are often issues other than money that can make or break a deal, and areas where one or both parties are willing to give something to get something. This is what “expanding the pie” and win-win negotiating is all about. Negotiation training experts tell us that to achieve a win-win outcome, you have...

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Information and Negotiation

April 3, 2014

When Henry Kissinger was preparing for a summit meeting with the Soviet Union, he was asked whether he had any idea what the Soviets would propose. “Oh, absolutely,” he replied. “No question about it… It would be absolutely disastrous for us to go into a negotiation not knowing in advance what the other side...

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